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've seen eight number othe u.s statement saying >>> the filing of the fourth pitcher complains is part of our complaint the business is operating legally under state law but it is illegally under federal law. the owners here here at the harbor side are battling to fight this. we want you to answer what you think of the fed's cracking down on the pot shot and we will share your answers. >>> the former head coach joe paterno defends his school. the suspect it is not a football scandal and it should not be treated as one. it also does not tarnish the eight academic the much anticipated report is expected to come out in just an hour. it could answer one of the darkest questions are round pick his assistant coach, sandusky. the investigator spent the past months digging through diversity males. >>> the charges that have been brought are extraordinarily serious. >>> the report could be up to 200 pages long. it focused on school officials and the school culture that allowed it to continue for so long. this letter is a big thing. we know that their report is about to come out, the players are
is completely gone. i will get more information to you. >>> can you give us an address or location? >>> we are at 2201, one second, 20s 201 walnut streets. this is the famous house where all the people come by to see the christmas decorations. but right now it's gone. >>> developing news out of oakland, people say no to a robber and get shot for it. it was a shooting in east oakland last night. the robber tried to rob them around and o'clock, the eight suspects shot them after they resisted and now they are expected to serve are prepared >>> lease the is in oakland with the mixed results of the 90 day plan. >>> oakland police spent $300,000 on the plan on the results. in the first area of the hominid sides were down but other crimes were up. car thefts and burglaries increased 5%. and rates were up 25%. when activists said that the city needs to start focusing on the children's lives. >>> we spend a lot of money to locking them up >>> police made 03 arrests in three separate killings within a six hours band last friday. the oakland police expect to start another 90 day plan. >>> and honest
to warmer still us this weekend continues in the meantime let's talk traffic with gianna >>> just a word of an accident was down 580 parade they are not blocking any lanes. one is stuck in the center divider. chp just arrived on the scene. if you are working your way near to 80, as these are not debating. elsewhere, here's a live look at 880. members of some empresses goh's north beach will meet with the mayor to discuss they will dig a tunnel, a dig a hole for a subway stop from here >>> as of right now, there is no space in plan for the north beach area. the chinatown malign to crows have tested positive for the west nile virus. it was recently found in pleasanton. governor brown will be in the bay area today to decide the high-speed rail funding. today's signing will be at the trans bay tube transit center in san francisco. another project that will benefit from the bill. and a mixed report on the job jerry brown it is doing prayed it's us his approval rating at 41%. nearly half of those are very \ survey gave it beat gov. a thumbs down. >>> the plan is far off in the future praye. th
thoughts with us. >> july means changes for transit systems and passengers around the bay area. art fair is about a nickel higher for a typical one-way ride. golden gate transit bus and ferry fares increase by 5%. a one-way ride on caltrans will cost you 25¢ more. fares for a date ticket also went up 50¢. a new way to get aboard the me system. passengers to have a clipper card can now get on buses light rail and trolleys by using the back door. muni is the nation's first transit system to try this as a way of getting the vehicles to move faster >> we think it is a very low- cost way to deal with what are our biggest public complaint, why aren't the vehicles going faster and what takes the fair transaction so long >> muni loses about $70 million per year so it is hiring more fair inspectors. >> starting today there will be more buses to carry commuters over the dumbarton bridge >> the express will operate more frequently every day between palo alto and union city. the hope is that the expansion will ease traffic on the bridge. a search crew hopes to solve a mystery from 75 years ago in
if automatic spending cuts taken next year. a study conducted by the aerospace industry says the u.s. would lose 2 million defense domestic jobs. the cuts will take effect unless a bipartisan budget reduction plan can be decided on >> ben bernanke will address lawmakers on capitol hill today as job growth has slumped. on wall street stocks finished lower. the dow lost 49 points. investors hope he will discuss new fed actions to boost the economy. yahoo! has a new boss showing up for first of work today. if former google executive melissa meyer was formally announced as yahoo! new ceo. experts say her experience launching some of google most popular features over 13 years separates her from past leaders. >> she brings a lot of cachet to that job. yahoo! has had a lot of ceos but nobody has had the appeal of her. >> she was the 20th employee hired by google and the first woman. yahoo! hopes that she will make that company more accessible to software engineers and developers >> it was raining this morning, what is going on? >> you may need your windshield wipers. especially along the coast and
for people who were previously using sad what chalk. officers are recovering from minor injuries. cbs five reporter kate sit-lie trends us with your rope >>> it will give this to be new could to of the reformation in just a moment >>> so get ting of to of this town, spending time with the american people, listening to them and also them, um, being in a conversation with them in where the need to be as ache country >>> will explain but also inspiring >>> the president will be back in the bay area for more fund raising. today obama it's the road for more campaigning immense in virginia. and the private equity firm romney started. romney's count as a globe to mckay correction to his campaign changed. the " denied the request. there is now speculation that condoleezza rice could be in the running. she says issues more into policy, of then interested. but you never know occurred >>> she would be a great cam did it. >>> linh knows yet to at this point. a lot of speculation at this point. the officer has served as a motorcycle escort for the white house heard someone overheard the of loesser's sa
have them a little short stock >>> they're happy to help us out. it is a mutual agreement, we help them out as well >>> he was talking about their mutual agreements between their cities. the other one started at a strip mall, the fire is breaded in the attic. they were able to put that one out 50 minutes. commodore will be shut down for another hour of least. >>> it lot of things happening over night. we are also following a another developing story. someone shot a car filled with children. pat is in hercules >>> 2284 year-old people were shot multiple times on i 80 between the goal and as are for. multiple shots had been shot through the car. causing the driver to lose control. the four young children were apparently unharmed, they were in the car as well. the victims drove themselves here. there is no word on their conditions right now. the suspect was driving in the same direction as the victims. the search continues for the eat shooter. >>> rescue teams were to a survey at sequoia national park. they are trying to find 34 year- old tom could you never returned from what was supposed
a real estate investors home and piedmont. >>> president obama is expected to leave us up go around to o'clock this morning. he will be heading to zero organ for more campaigning. he met with tech leaders at the scottish rice center. he also stopped at a real estate investors home in piedmont. there he told the crowd of voters how be presumptive republican candidate twisted his words >>> i understand these are the games that it played in political campaigns, although folks don't just omit entire sentence you say. the start to just slicing and dicing, you may have gone a little over the edge right there >>> president obama has raised a lot of money. the president has learneearned r $30 million since june. but not everybody was thrilled over the president's visit spread protesters set fire to a welcome obama's sign and fly. flag. >>> despite the dollar's raise, the president did not paid the mo bay bridge the. the presumptive gop have it hosted a round table in southern california yesterday. >>> if you are employing people, hiring people are want to see you do better. >>> after he wraps up
. only one lane remains open. sees the is telling us 7:00, that's when they hope to get the situation under control. in the meantime, we're already seeing a dim leas. the delays. a quick note to if you're traveling through marin county, they're doing paving work at southbound 1 01 anser and raphael and sausalito. >>> out toward the coast line, still a couple patches of fog. by the afternoon, there will still be hot spots especially in the interior parts of the valley. i tore the coastline, temperatures mainly into the 50s. we are going to stay dry on the north and here. denver is looking with a 30 percent chance of some storms. if you're traveling around. today, you will find some sunshine. 91 degrees in morgan hill. mid nineties in brett what an antioch. 87 degrees, getting toasty into santa rosa. >>> 518 now, he had mostly a's on his report card until he missed a chemistry lab. he said that he got permission to go to court for the adoption of the sister >>> this is not about the gray, it's about standing up for something that's wrong. this teacher was pulling and the school district
any electricity. community date is currently using we've had the floor running out in one of the classrooms. when it would rain, there would be a small river running through the classroom. >>> the superintendent says the changes have been made at the community day classroom. during obama's last visit here, he raise close to $2 million within the last four hours. and obama's republican rival tries to set the record statstr both candidates are trying to turn up the heat this morning. the focus is on defending obama's economic policies. it will be obama's stent visit to ohio in ninth visit to pennsylvania. mitt romney this camp is busy searching for a bp canada it. but he is stealing headlines with big contradicting statement. >>> it's now clear that his mandate >>> today's ago romney called three health-care act a penalty and not a tax. >>> and romney will be on cbs five of seven this morning. and said " the campaign looks confused in addition to looking politically dump " >>> i just took a check on the recent boats and it is 48-44 with obama in the lead. and the final repor
cuts for the wealthy and corporations. we think that is wrong >>> he just makes us feel good about the future >>> romney troubles now of to england, israel and poland. he is trying to build up his credibility in the international stage as he visits with leaders. >>> it is still going to be warm in spots, especially the inland dearest. livermore saw triple digits this weekend. we're still in the '60s especially in some of bark inland areas. temperature person, not quite as warm. you'll notice livermore coming in and around 92 degrees today. temperatures should be anywhere between 227 degrees lower than what we saw yesterday. >>> here's a live look, so far so good. ollie 14 minutes to go between his word and foster city. 880, no problems. in and around oakland there will be closures in the up down district due to the president's visit to trade you may see some slight delays on the ac transit better on this afternoon. also roadwork around one no one and palo alto. >>> the suspect in the colorado shooting spree, he will be in court lebron this morning. cbs five michelle has been in aur
arguing the structure could have been saved if the dc- 10 it would've been used sooner. >>> it was not a good place to put the dc-10 >>> cal fire did not request to use the privately owned dc-10 until day four prayed >>> are inland spots were nice yesterday, but along the coastal baby your still seeing a lot of coastal '60s. out the door right now, we have a lot of clouds. a little do be as frank has mentioned. let's compare today's highest to yesterday's highs. in an inland areas in new where it two to four degrees higher than what we saw yesterday. livermore is coming in with a high at about 82 degrees. as soon as this weekend, we are going to see the temperatures go above average. we will have a look of that in just a few minutes. in the meantime here to check with traffic would gian the >>> heading into service as the we have some road work to report as well. we have roadwork reported near nevada boat, and surf francis drake. just give yourself some extra time. use the san mateo bridge as an alternative, of looking at the the south bay conditions, 0 blogging 0101 5
about a third of their units. that is a hundred firefighters, 41 units here on scene. they tried to use a number of aggressive attacks to keep the fire from spreading to other adjacent complexes. there is a live par wind down wall this was going on. this was a big mess but they were able to contain it to just these four buildings here. it also spread to a deck across the street. we are hearing reports that there may have been squatters involved but no confirmed. investigators are trying to fire out the cause. what they're going to be doing now is looking for hot spots so fire cluecrews are going up to e top of the street to make sure that it was actually contained. >>> back to you guys. >>> where do we get that video? >>> it is a cellphone video taken from the neighbor from across the street. she says this is not the first time that it happened in the neighborhood. she says two years ago and happened to our house. and this time she says that there is less damage caused to baroused. she also are heard that there were squatters that where across the streets. she notes that to fire crews a
has the latest for us >>> president brock obama is shocked and saddened by the situation. we have some cellphone video for you. it was taken just after the shooting. you could see moviegoers' running out and panic. one person even walked out covered in blood. this happened at the century 16 movie theater in our aurora. witnesses say he used seven type of smoke device before opening fire. we're still learning more about the ages of the victims. tragically u.s. aid today is reporting be victim at 3 months old >>> i honestly can't think of any kind of person that would intentionally hurt a little girl grid id unfortunately makes me think that she got caught in the crossfire >>> he is in his early 20s, we don't know his name and there is no immediate motive. he was reportedly wearing a gas mask and a bus. he was arrested behind the movie theater parking lot. he did not resist arrest according to police. we've got live pictures for you over the theater. there is still a police presence there. they are interviewing people around the scene. at the peak of this, i believe there were about
design. the smart to pay the text corrosions and cracks in pipelines. it will be used to study the area from fremont to stem a red zone. it will study war ended 200 ft. of pipe by the end of this year. >>> the victim apparently fell from these freeway overpass over evidence avenue. he has a life threatening injuries and has not been able to tell them his name. and a bay area 5 there will be among many buried in a group burial. in his father's injureremains we recently vendor returned to family. the remains will be buried along with others remain steps of or into enough to identify. would >>> following the rules of the road, how low the area is a place of scissors are selling the feud between bayer drivers and bicyclist sprayed and the removal of president aside from power >>> the heart stopping moments >>> the heart stopping moments when the a tight rope >>> at a special tribute on the final day of the alameda county fair. they are honored a race jockey the died last paris there after he was thrown from his horse during a race. food vendors have collected money for his funeral. >>> and
the level prayed the district manager is asking us to car pool. it will be at its worst and the afternoon the hottest part of the day. >>> we have to move it all the way to 930 because it's so hot now days. we are taking a lot of water breaks, remember to apply sun screen or reapply >>> remember to drink lots of water, seek shade and try to find some ac. keep your pets and children out side of the car. there is no wood burning bed in papethem in place >>> investigators are looking into three suspicious fires out. the broke out just before 9:00. about 10 a. bird before the fire was contained. the zero buildings were threatened. it is considered suspicious because of fires all began around the same time to fire fighters had medical issues yesterday's, one with a chest pain and one with a 1 it's staying. it is 30 percent contained right now. and these type complex by is 60 percent contained. >>> still we're looking at mostly clear skies around the bay area. some patchy fog will snake inside the bay. 63 degrees right now in livermore parade 53 degrees in to severances go this afternoon. 94 de
outside are mainly in the '50s. are us to new highs are definitely going to be below average this time of year. mid-60s and places like san raphael. kind of a similar story for the next few days. temperatures are going to be on the cooler side parade tuesday we could even wake up to some coastal drizzle and same-store for wednesday. and then we get to critiqued to the cold temperatures by saturday. that is a check with your forecast. >>> if you're hitting the freeways this morning, so far so good as the savior of making your way through milpitas. no delays to report and that area. 80 has no delays to report. if you're connecting with the san mateo bridge, no problems there as well. here's a look at your drive time through the peninsula. won a one is clear in both directions. to 80 isn't showing any delays as well. >>> for the third time kern county and had to pull someone from the current repressive a man was trapped by the rushing water. they finally got the boy up on a boat. the boy was from bakersfield. he was not injured despite the fact he was not wearing a life vest. it is by 11
to run away and use public transport. >>> he came back around and got on a car. i kind of followed him where he tried to get on a bus >>> police caught up to him and made an arrest. guests and staff or unharmed. today the senate is expected to vote on a $8 billion bullet train decision. the stockton bankruptcy filing has its first hearing today in front of a judge in sacramento. the city will argue today about unseal documents on those talks. and the government is about to release the unemployment number in june for the nation. >>> it's a given, those numbers are expected to find the economy in a political showdown between romney and obama. adp estimates that 160,000 jobs were active last month. it also predicted that fewer people applied for unemployment in other backed report could undermine obama's pushed in the economy growing. experts are still expecting the unemployment to stay steady at 8.2% to prepare political expert say that the next few months could determine be undecided voters decision. president obama holds a substantial lead over romney in california. in new phil poll sh
the day companies that use is not acceptable and >>> one these bicyclist charged with killing in pedestrian and returns to court this afternoon. chris has pleaded not guilty. he is charged with felony be a clear manslaughter of a 71 year- old man. and new details of the man who committed a double murder this weekend. police believe he shot two people in some as a prayed there believe it teammates is headed to southern california. on to new work worthy searches on for several suspects who fired shots at a jewelry store in new york mall. nome was hit by gunfire robbers were all carrying semi- automatic. >>> alway >>> whatever you do, do not bite the stupid military vehicle. it says it will stop a military around >>> our community >>> the cost to these a vehicle is $61,000 for seven years. the city says it is worth the costs to have quicker your emergency response times. >>> holes up to 9 ft. deep are appearing in streets because of a new trend in death. the thieves have moved on from stealing copper wires to stealing sewer grates. the resulting holes could result of to 9 ft. dee
the money on education. >>> mayor ed lee and has decided against paying for ilion help us flight back to test the five. they say she could step testify by video. plus it it could be a king changer, apple's new game plan for it ipad. ♪ [ male announcer ] for our families... our neighbors... and our communities... america's beverage companies have created a wide range of new choices. developing smaller portion sizes and more low- & no-calorie beverages... adding clear calorie labels so you know exactly what you're choosing... and in schools, replacing full-calorie soft drinks with lower-calorie options. with more choices and fewer calories, america's beverage companies are delivering. >>> good morning. a bay area as a symbol for the fight for free them a bear area on the rent fight for the rosy the river museum. an independence day celebration of bart the only warship in richmond. this year is more poignant than eddy years. a richmond kiddie salomon there is no way we could paid 10,000 a month, we don't make that much. the city of men's shoeand richms been flying under the radar for y
. this next jury is kind of scary, armed suspects targeting people using atms. a wells fargo's atm is becoming a magnet for robberies >>> two men have of robbing a half dozen people over the past two weeks. there are no injuries reported. during the most recent step up, she said she was approached by a man brandishing a gun and demanding cash. the suspect is to grab isa african-american in his 20s wearing a heady pre reporting from san leandro, pat to cbs five. >>> the drunk driving is suspected in an accident of paint a stethoscope cable car. the eat it accident happened late last night. to a cable car operators were slightly injured as well. the suvs driver was detained after the accident >>> did you notice the drizzle coming in? you guys were sleeping on the way into it. will send you on the roof for a little bit later on. there is some drizzle as you approached the coast line. in a sign of some cool weather outside. the temperatures not all that bad. mainly to the phidias outside right now. as we look for the afternoon, the members may still red below average. it may be a to-9 degrees belo
headquarters. new york says state mature the fan is close to the failed. they want to use as much local food as possible. fans could also expects some high-tech features. they will have more options to connect to the game. just a lot more interaction for those who will be coming to set the clara win the fort igniters star playing in time for a kickoff of the 2014 season. >>> a rare new roller-coaster in vallejo and shut down. investigators are looking into why it stopped suddenly yesterday afternoon. it was at six flags discovery came them. >>> people were in relatively good spirits, i give him some water, the overall plan was to move the train. that is the safest operation. fortunately, we were able to move the trains >>> the roller-coaster is the theme parks biggest attraction. one suspect is in custody at while the state white amber alert continues for a girl. jose and his wife came home to find the two bodies in their home. they also found a 16 year-old daughter missing money well and his son were persons of interest in the murders occurred >>> burke is salazar it is the boyfriend of the
Search Results 0 to 21 of about 22